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I’m also HAPPY the middle is back! It would be great if they brought back I Love Lucy! I remember years ago Hallmark Channel had An All Weekend of I Love Lucy! Wish that can happen again!

My schedule Suggestion for Hallmark Channel...

5AM-7AM Frasier
7AM-9AM The Golden Girls
9AM-11AM I Love Lucy
11AM-1pm Last Man Standing
1pm-3pm the middle.
3pm-5pm Reba
5pm-11pm Hallmark Movies
11pm-1AM The Golden Girls

Last Man Standing Monday’s
Frasier Tuesday’s
The Golden Girls Wednesday’s
Reba Thursday’s
the middle Friday’s

Saturday’s & Sunday’s
5AM-9AM The Golden Girls
9AM-1AM SAT-Hallmark Movies
1AM-5AM SAT-I Love Lucy & SUN-The Golden Girls

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