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No idea why she jacked in her job for some pipe-dream with this clown, well it was obviously the money he was promising but it sounded like total bs. She was also very lax with her security after his bizarre turning up at her house multiple times in one night-should never have met him alone or unarmed. The guy is a total sleaze & he obviously had the intention of killing her or one of the others from the time he set the deal up with the life insurance.

Amazed she didn't just walk when the money didn't come, seems to have been a waste of time as it appears the money on that policy was donated to charity, but was it in reality? Did the company succeed or fail? Again this is another case where UM really should have delved in to those questions. His story is total bs & his smarmy response about the shirt they could come & get makes you want to punch him in the face, the cops of course said he refused to hand the shirt over.
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