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Originally Posted by mercy1825 View Post
Calling 911? Remember this was the early 80's
911 was not what it is today. I grew up on the outskirts of Pittsburgh and at that time we did not even have 911 and I still remember the local police phone number 40 years later 412 262 5000. The 911 point is simply not a valid one at all.
Indeed. Just for reference - In 1989, only 50% of the country had access to 911. That number rose to 99% a decade later but the 80s were a different time. If you hopped in a time machine and talked to little kids about 911 in the 80s, you would get nothing close to what they know today.

Anthonette went missing in 1986. But this line of thinking would be more accurate had she gone missing in 2006.
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