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Default Ken Berry R.I.P.

It's with confirmed sadness I announced that Ken Berry, best known for his roles as Sam Jones on "Mayberry R.F.D." and before that Captain Wilton Parmenter on the hit 1965 sitcom "F Troop," has passed away today at age 85.

Kenneth Ronald Berry was born in Moline, Illinois on November 3, 1933. He began his career as a Broadway Song-and-Dance man before finding his greatest success on "F Troop," following the series' 2-year run in 1967 by joining the cast of the hit '50s sitcom "The Andy Griffith Show."

After Andy Griffith quit the show, the series was re-christened "Mayberry R.F.D." with Berry taking over as lead for the next 3 years until 1971.

In 1983, Berry began his 6-season, 8-year run opposite Vicki Lawrence playing her son on "Mama's Family," a role he continued until early 1990.

He was predeceased by his Musician son, John, who died of Cancer in 2016.
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