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I watched this one again last night, and I can't stop thinking about the possible motive in this case. The segment mentions that Cheryl had borrowed money from other family members (prior to the murder of the Harvey's) for various treatments of stomach cancer, but that was total b.s. Eddie Wooten claimed the same thing. So if they were constantly borrowing money from relatives prior to murdering the Harvey's, what caused them to become so desperate to murder them for the money? On the day of the murder, they picked up one of Cheryl's checks from her mother's house. My biggest issue with trying to rectify the motive is that it seems like they had money, and had money accessible from other relatives weeks prior to the murder, so why make the leap to murder? The segment makes no mention of any substantial debts, and it says that Cheryl was employed at the time. I know greed seems to be the prevailing theory, but I don't think the drug angle should be written off completely. It could explain the mysterious bearded man seen with Cheryl prior to and after the murders. They could have owed him a sizable debt. Which would also account for the eyewitness who saw Cheryl arguing with this man after the murders. And it would also explain why Wooten stayed behind after the murders.
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