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Originally Posted by Foggy
I believe Bonniegirl62 was referring to a person in a movie made many years ago. In the movie a "billboard article" was supposely wrote that Karen Carpenter was "chubby",(but it never existed) Karen was at 17 years old, 5'4" tall and 105 lbs--- may have been slightly "chubby" but she still looked "slender",,,from the movie it was suppose to have given her the reason for her "image problem."

So, you see that person would have been an "A-Hole" if he had existed and it was the cause of her eating disorder, but it wasn't the cause.

Many years after the movie, the real problem finally came out. The cause of her "eating disorder" became known: it was the "much needed love and acceptance" from her mother, that she needed, but wasn't getting. It is what really caused her eating disorder.

Thank you Foggy, that is exactly what I was referring to! The poster before me posted that a person who wrote for Billboard magazine had written that she was chubby.

So Coffeecup you might want to read the posts here more thoroughly before you attack somebody again here like you did me!!
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