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Originally Posted by Tweety
With such a great cast, it seems like a no-brainer for TV Land or ME-TV to put F-Troop on the air. But they don't.
Now the show is finally on Me-TV. I've set my DVR to record it daily. since there are only 65 eps in the series, it'll be through the full cycle in 13 weeks. I enjoyed seeing the pilot last night. I was a bit worried that only Season 2 would be shown, since all the Me-TV promos are from Season 2 (all of them in color), but the 31 color episodes would only last barely over 6 weeks total, so all of them will be shown, and purists should be glad to know that Me-TV doesn't air any "colorized" B&W shows, as TBS did with Gilligan's Island years ago.
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