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I agree with Meg.

TheCars1986, you questioned why else he would choose that remote service station but to kill himself. I believe it's possible he chose that location to meet somebody. An informant of some kind would most likely want to meet at a remote area such as that. Just because Captain O'Mara was behind a desk and close to retirement doesn't mean he couldn't have stumbled onto something.

I admit having the nozzle in the tank still doesn't quite fit...unless he was taken by surprise. If he was meeting an informant he would have his gun on his person/at the ready, so perhaps the gun was taken by force. Since he had powder burns perhaps it went off in a struggle.

I just find it hard to believe that if it was suicide he: 1. Had shown no outward signs of being depressed or unhappy. 2. Chose a night when he would've been expected home with a treat for the family. 3. Set up the scene so that it DIDN'T look like a clear cut case of murder and allowed speculation on suicide. As a cop surely he would have the experience to set up the scene better.
Eliminate all other possibilities and that which remains MUST be the truth. ~Sherlock Holmes

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