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I watched this again last night and while I originally believed that Digmin was murdered, I don't see too much that is inconsistent with suicide. The most telling evidence that it was suicide was the presence of gun shot residue on Digmin's hands which indicated he had fired a weapon. Also, it isn't mentioned whether the gun found belonged to Digmin but I think we can safely assume it did because had the gun's origins been unknown, surely it would have been mentioned as further evidence of murder.

Although Digmin was left handed, it was briefly mentioned that GSR was discovered on both his hands, so he could have used his right hand, or used both hands to inflict the wound. I also fail to see how he automatically would have had to end up on the floor. Is it possible that the recoil and force of the bullet entering his skull could have knocked him to his left and back on to the bed?

The only remaining troubling aspects of this case are the missing safe and the missing diary pages. The family assumes this had something to do with Digmin's position at the time which involved drug testing other soldiers. However, there is no way to say when the safe and diary pages went missing. Perhaps they were stolen by some criminal element who became aware of Digmin's death and sought to do away with evidence that might pertain to his drug testing. Perhaps Digmin tore the pages out of the diary himself for an unknown reason, and this went unnoticed by his girlfriend. It didn't appear she actually read or closely examined the diary (at least based on the re-enactment).

Finally, one of the family's "experts" was the late retired FBI agent Ted Gunderson. This guy has quite an interesting reputation. He is known for his investigations into government coverups and has made all sorts of accusations involving Satanic cult involvement in many levels of of the US government, child sex trafficking involving people in Washington, etc. Some of his beliefs are pretty "out there" to be kind.
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