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Ok, after some thought, I've decided that there are only three possible reasons/scenarios for O'Mara's unfortunate death. I'll try to nitpick each one the best that I can based off of what was on the UM segment and the few scattered articles over the internet.

Scenario# 1: Accidental death. O'Mara's activities before leaving the house (eating dinner with his family, borrowing cash to go buy frozen yogurt for desert, and filling up his car with gas) give every indication that he planned on coming back that night. I suppose it's possible that O'Mara went to the service station to fill his car up, saw or heard something that he thought was suspicious, grabbed his gun and a flashlight and then went to investigate. While walking, he somehow slips and his gun discharges shooting him in the head, and he falls down on the rock dead.

There are several problems with this scenario. For one, the gun was said to have been held 2-4 inches away from O'Mara's head when it was fired. I can't see how, in the process of slipping and falling, O'Mara's gun would have been able to shoot him precisely in the middle of the head. Not to mention that his body was found slumped over a rock, which also makes the "accident" theory less likely. I know there is no "set way" for a body to fall after being shot, but for both of these things to have happened just seems close to impossible. I've also read online that O'Mara was adamantly against using or carrying guns. So what exactly could O'Mara have seen/heard that night to cause him to grab his gun and flashlight to go investigate? It was nighttime, behind a courthouse, in a county service station that was used by police officers and county workers. If O'Mara heard a noise in this location would he really have been so quick to grab his gun and go check it out? And what exactly could he have seen to make him grab a gun and flashlight?

Scenario #2: Murder. UM portrayed O'Mara as a tough as nails, by the book cop who cracked down on corruption and organized crime in Cook County, Illionois. Some of O'Mara's co-workers theorized that he may have busted one one of these criminals who held a grudge and wanted him dead. There was also talks of rampant police corruption (accepting payoffs from these crime figures), and its alleged to have been at its peak around the same time O'Mara was killed. So the theory is that O'Mara found out about a fellow officer taking bribes/payoffs from one of these mobsters, and he was killed to be silenced by someone in the police department. (There's a lengthy article that goes into detail about the police corruption and O'Mara's death here: O'Mara's family and friends all contend that he was not suicidal and that he was making plans for his future after his eventual retirement. Plus, as mentioned above O'Mara borrowed money from his wife for frozen yogurt before he left, giving every indication he was going to return. Also, the medical examiner that O'Mara's wife hired to review the coroner's report stated that he had several bruises on his face, as if he was beat before he was shot. This could not have happened unless he was murdered.

There are problems with the murder theory as well. Other than O'Mara's wife, who would have known where he was going that evening? What if O'Mara simply went to a busy grocery store and then right back home? Would the killer/s really have had the time to overtake him and then kill him without being seen by anyone? And just how lucky are these killers for O'Mara to pick such a remote, abandoned place like a service station used by police officers? Unless of course we are to believe that a police officer was involved in his murder. But that doesn't explain the one eyewitness (mentioned in the article I posted a link to above) who said he saw a "dark car" pull up to the gas pump and then shortly after going inside his home he heard a gunshot. This eyewitness makes no mention of seeing anyone else, hearing anyone else, or seeing any other cars in the parking lot behind the courthouse. If he were the target of a hit, his killer/s certainly wouldn't have been on foot that night. Also, if O'Mara saw/heard something that spooked him, just how easy would it have been for someone to overtake him since he was armed? Let's say O'Mara was surprised by someone or a group of people who were possibly armed. How did they get the drop on him? And if their plan was to make his death look like a suicide, why did they allegedly beat the crap out of him before they shot him? And how would they have been able to wrestle the gun away from O'Mara, subdue him, then shoot him without leaving behind any physical evidence nor any evidence that a struggle even happened? The parking lot and area that O'Mara's body was found it was described as "well lit", so how would someone have been able to surprise him anyway? The investigating officers also stated that there was simply no evidence that any other person was there in the field with O'Mara that night, which also hurts the murder theory. Finally, that web article mentions that O'Mara first went to his offices (where he had a side business, running a private security firm) and stayed there for about a half an hour. Why wasn't he killed there? The article also mentions that he notified a police dispatcher that he was on duty shortly after he left his office around 8:30 p.m. (The article states that every Cook County police officer assigned to a "permanent squad" was required to advise a dispatch that he was on duty, I'm guessing anytime they were armed.) While it's possible that a fellow police officer who wanted O'Mara dead for whatever reason heard this dispatch, that wouldn't make any sense if his death was a planned hit. What luck is it for whomever wanting him dead to A. hear the dispatch or learn about it, B. high tail it to the service station or be that close in proximity to make it there before O'Mara did, and C. get the drop on him, murder him, stage the scene and cover it up without leaving any trace evidence behind or being seen by anyone?

That's it for now, I'll get into scenario #3 (suicide) later...
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