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Question Anyone remember Walter Rice segment?

I was going through some NBC episodes today I received in a trade and came across this one. I had never seen it and don't remember it even being mentioned on the board. It was an elderly black man named Walter Rice. He was a recluse and lived in a trailer in McCormick, SC. He never talked with his neighbors and seemed to have no family. Apparently gradually his utilities were shut off due to non-payment and his mail was being returned (apparently no one knew or cared enough to figure out why). Finally 2 men are attempting to rob Walter's trailer and when they break in find Walter's lifeless body in his trailer. He had apparently died of a heart attack a year earlier!! Seeing the body scared the robbers away so (people speculate as much as a month or two later) persuade one of their girlfriends to call police and then Walter's body was located. He died in early '92 and was 73 years old. He was found to have an estate worth $140,000 and UM was looking for heirs. By going through some check stubs they found in his apartment they found out he worked as a cook in Connecticut for 10 years. His former co-workers really knew nothing about his personal life but he did live in a dorm for the restaurant workers and they speculate this was how he was able to save up so much money. They do know his birthdate and that he had several siblings but don't think he ever married or had children so are hoping a niece or nephew will come forward. Another interesting clue they found was that Walter had a passport and it was full of stamps from all sort of exotic locations. Anyone remember seeing this segment?
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