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Originally posted by bb25
Where did you get the info that HL was #1 when it premiered? I think you might be thinking of the last season of TLS, which ranked #2 that season, but had been #1 in late 1967...?

I'm just curious where you heard that since HL, to my knowledge, finished at #9 for 68-69, and with #1 ratings early in the run you'd think it would have done better...

I know it finished #9 for the season, but I believe when it premiered and for at least one or two airings after the fact it was number one (Each week the show finished #1). Don't engrave that into cement...I'm not positive about it, but I do remember reading something similar to it (and yes I'm specifically talking about HL and not TLS). Maybe TV Guy (or someone else with knowledge of the ratings) will see this thread and confirm what I said or post something else entirely different.

IMO, whether I'm proven wrong or not, it's pretty good that Lucy, at the time, nearing her twentieth year on television playing the "Lucy" character was not only able to maintain top 10 ratings, but she did it airing against the #1 show.
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