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Default Here's Lucy did jump the shark

I love Lucy and all of her series, but in my opinion, I think "Here's Lucy" jumped the shark from day one. I think it would be better if a different storyline was created instead. I never really liked Lucy working with Gale Gordon in a office situation. It was already done before. I think if the two of them were in a different situation, like being married or brother and sister or working in a different enviroment, I think it give a different twist, maybe better storylines. Maybe if Lucy had more co-stars, or hired a whole new set of writers, but kept only few, maybe she would gain more interest and the series could have been a number 1 hit. Maybe if she hired Desi back and he helped with the scripts, the show could have been on top. I personally believe that Desi Arnaz was the man who made "I Love Lucy" what it is today. I think Lucy was just out there to sell it. But, Desi created it all, all she did was sell it. If that worked on "Here's Lucy", then it would be right up there with "I Love Lucy." That's my thoughts.
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