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It shouldn't have surprised me because underdogs always seem to win everything...but I'm disappointed and surprised that he didn't pick Cat. He even said that she's like a girlfriend to him.

I think if he would have accepted Cat, she would have met him
in the ballroom that night. It seemed to me that Linda was more into the money because she kept fussing over the bracelet and saying nobody ever treated her this good (and she wants it to continue).

Linda isn't going to stay with him - she's too fickle. How many times is she going to change her mind? First she wants to leave the show. Then she wants back in. When he picks her and she finds out about the money, she doesn't show up to meet him.
Then a few days later, she changes her mind again and shows
up at his ranch! What's up with that?

It's not fair that she jumps back in the game at the ninth hour to win it when Cat lasted through all the eliminations and was his favorite.
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