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Default Dying with Laughter

I think I did a familiar topic thread but I can’t remember. Anyways on Sitcoms I don’t understand why a loveable Character has to pass away. Sitcoms especially. Especially when the actor/actress is still alive.

Edith Bunker- Archie Bunkers Place

Aunt Bee- The Return To Mayberry

Valerie Hogan - Valerie’s Family

Al Harris- Roseanne

Dan Conner- Roseanne

the middle.- Aunt Eddy

Roseanne Conner- The Conners

Ed Conner-The Conners

Molly Tilten-The Conners

Young Sheldon-George Cooper (Hasn’t Happed but Big Bang Theory said it will).

When the actor-actress really did pass away I understand doing a story line on it like..

Paul Hensey- 8 Simple Rules

Aunt Ginny- the middle.

Yet on Dennis the Menace when Joesph Kearns AKA (George Wilson) really did pass away. The audience was made to believe Mr.Wilson went back East.

I understand wanting to show the actors-actresses dramatic side .BUT I also feel having a lovesble character pass away on a sitcom when the actor-actress is fine is a slap in the face to those who were loyal loving that Character. I think storylines should say the character moved out east. So the character can come back with out a way out there storyline that doesn’t make any sense. Plus I believe audiences are looking for an escape to laugh not cry.Unless the actor-actress really did pass away.
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