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Originally Posted by TheLittleFairy
I always wondered if it was just Hooterville that was "off" or the whole world? At first I thought it was just Hooterville, but even when they travel to NY for visits, ppl act just as crazy as in Hooterville.
I would say it's just Hooterville and the immediate surrounding area. Pixley seems to be the boundary between realities, i.e. between Hooterville logic and the rest of the world. They could do some crazy stuff in Pixley but for the most part they were pretty normal. You can see this in "Won't you come home Arnold Ziffel" at the Pixley hospital and Lisa is acting on Hooterville logic but the nurse is completely confused and suggests Lisa is crazy. On a side note, Oliver is really in his element here. We get a rare and hilarious look at Oliver really enjoying himself because he knows they're dealing with someone on his level of sanity, but he still tags along for the ride just to watch someone else fall apart instead of him.

This happens on a few other occasions when they're on vacation or when there's a visitor to the farm. In "Guess Who's Not Going to the Luau", there's the level-headed company representative who comes over to see Arnold (unaware he's actually a pig) and Oliver just relishes every second of his futile attempts to make sense of what's happening.

In "Oliver's Jaded Past" when they go to New York, I think the behavior of the people there is more conventionally odd. They keep confusing Oliver for someone called Mr. Cummings and occasionally imply Oliver is drunk but nothing on the level of Hooterville insanity.

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