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Default Favorite Character You Wanted to See....But Never Did!

My vote has to go to...........PETER GREETER THE METER READER!!!

I crack up everytime I see that episode! (Double Drick.) That's the one where Oliver still with no elctricity or as Lisa would say, "Electricital" has to rely on a crappy old generator that keeps blowing out because its so unreliable, and Lisa doesn't understand that the generator can only carry up to seven electrical units.

I just love how Oliver goes to the "Friendly Gas and Power Company" and has to take a number even with nobody there, and wait his turn! And among other things Lawler the Installer, can't climb Oliver's telephone pole because he's afraid of heights! LOL!

In Hooterville, it's company policy that you can't get your power lines connected to the house for your "electrictial" unless you got a meter first!!! Lawler the Installer (LOL) gives Oliver a meter, and says that as the installer, he can't explain anything. "You have to talk to Peter Greeter the Meter Reader!" LMFAO!!!!!

True story with us, We once had a newspaper man named Stan!!! "Stan, the newspaper man!!!" and every time I remember, Stan, the newspaper man, I think of Peter Greeter the Meeter Reader!!! LOL!

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