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The more I think about it, the more i think she was abducted by a random person or left on her own free will...Hank wouldnt have cared about harrassing sue for so long unless amy turned him down or he never got a chance to be with amy and the only way he knows to deal with this is harass the relative closest to her since you cant harass the real person! The other mess is the bikers in this equation. I do think that if they had amy, one of them would have mentioned the aligator story long ago, especially because their biker buddy was telling sue he had amy and owned her so why not just end the search long ago and say well someone fed her to the aligators but we dont know which biker did it! This story was made up so his gf could get the money. we all rule out the post office agent! So whats left? amy was abducted by a random person who would have been a rapist or pedafile of that time period? Perhaps we should be looking for these types that lived close by her home? She was wearing a skirt so whoever done this crime was attracted to a young girl wearing a skirt. This weighs more on transient types or rapist/pedifiles. who were the neiboors as well in this equation? I want to know who lived in the nieboorhood? anyone suspicious?
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