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Originally Posted by burbqueen
u know i never believed the biker theory until I watched gangland on the History channel. I had no clue about how bad the outlaw biker gangs were and still are. I think some biker killed her.

As for the Jehovah Witness thing. That is waaaay off base. JW are not a cult squirrelling away people. I use to be a JW and many, many people you live next to and work with are JW. They are no different that any other christian religion. There is a convention once a year for 2 or 3 days and they go to church about 2 days a week with a bible study once a week.

As a JW you can stop being a witness anytime you wish and you still can talk to your family.
i am referring to 74'. and my mother is jehovah so i know how it is but this is not based on today's standards. Many have come forward and have testified this was happening. They were abducting people into their group and yes back then it was different. Read up on it more. I think this is a possibility, not a fact but rather a possible scenerio that never was looked at.
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