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When I respond to quickly to a message, I think I'm about as clear as mud. In case you didn't get what I was saying here, "Extra" was advertising that, in a separate episode a couple days after they covered the Burton/Taylor episode, they were going to show the Johnny Carson footage. I saw the episode where they talked about the Burton/Taylor episode, but not the one later in the week about the Johnny Carson episode.

Originally Posted by NOVARick
Well I wouldn't really recommend watching more of this show, or others of its ilk, unless you're really concerned with such important information as whom Paris Hilton is sleeping with this week. I just happened to have the TV on when this show started and they had a teaser about "never before seen behind-the-scenes footage" of Lucy with Liz Taylor and Richard Burton. Another teaser before a commercial said something about Lucille Ball strangling Liz Taylor. Then when the segment finally came on at the end of the show, it last all of about two minutes and was consisted of a quick recap of the plot of the "Lucy Meets the Burton" episode, which they referred to as "one of Ball's best bits," and which ended with Lucy CARTER nearly strangling Liz Taylor. And the "never before seen" footage was a few seconds of the rehearsal footage that all of us who have the DVD have seen. At the end of the segment, they showed a picture of the "Here's Lucy Best Loved Episodes" DVD cover. They were advertising that later in the week the would show rehearsal footage of Lucille Ball and Johnny Carson. I didn't see actually see the show, but it was clear they were just going to show the same Lucille Ball and Johnny Carson "Here's Lucy" rehearsal footage that's also on the DVD.
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