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Default Re: Any1 Remember "free Spirit" Tv Show?!

Originally posted by musiclvr14
I was just wondering if anyone remembers the short lived tv show on ABC called "Free Spirit"? It was on in '89 or '90 and had Alysson Hannigan in it. It was a dad raising 3 kids and they had a witch for a nanny. I loved this show and it doesn't seem like anyone ever posted about that one lol. I only have 2 episodes of this show on tape when I taped it back then, and I would love to get more of this show on tape if anyone has it.
Also does anyone on here have Head of the class? I'm still looking for more episodes of that one too.
I have a bunch of short lived tv shows on tape like all of Baby Talk, alot of Phenom, Camp Wilder, On our own, Teen Angel, Brothers Keeper, all of Two of a kind and a bunch of others I'm forgetting lol.

The show was cancelled because it couldn't compete against DALLAS on FRiday night
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