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Cold Case Soundtrack: “Forever Blue”

“We met behind our crew’s garage a few nights after that last delivery. We were about to begin Chuck’s final race, but I took a few minutes with him to review some things. ‘You understand the plan, right? They need to think that you are dead, so when we hit the bridge I shoot out your tire. You will need to decrease your speed once we hit the bridge. The car goes over the bridge and sinks into the river before I have time to reach you. Traffic should be minimal at this time of the night so the risk of witnesses should be low.’

“Chuck froze solid to the floor. ‘I’m still reeling from finding out your name is really Andrea, but I think I get it,’ he said pulling the new license that we had printed for him out of his pocket. ‘Although, I’m not too crazy about this new identity you came up with. ‘Gary, Indiana’? Do I really look like Indiana to you?’

“’We had to get you as far away from anyone who might recognize you as we could,’ I explained. ‘You do understand what you are giving up. Charles Weisman doesn’t exist after tonight. Once you are in witness protection, you cannot tell anyone where you are; you would only be putting yourself and them at risk. Secondly, when we call on you to testify against Marquez or any of his subordinates, you need to be ready. Thirdly, and I cannot stress this enough, you are not a street racer anymore. If you commit a felony while in witness protection, the FBI cannot protect you anymore.’

“’I get it, and you don’t need to worry. ‘Mach 3’ no longer exists. After what I’ve seen, I think I’m ready to hang up my keys,’ Chuck replied.

“’That leaves me with one last detail,’ I said as I headed back into the garage. I returned shortly with my cordless power drill. ‘I’m going to need your key.’ Chuck was slow to react to this request, but he returned the license to his shirt pocket and retrieved his car keys. I opened the passenger door of his blue Chevy and drilled one last hole in his dashboard.

“What was that about?’ Chuck asked.

“I pulled him in close to me and kissed him one last time. I didn’t realize at the time just how ominous my next statement really was. ‘I just gave you your 50th hole. It seemed fitting since I’m going to lose tonight.’ We separated. I entered. I entered my white Ford; he entered his blue Chevrolet and we started our engines. His last race had begun.

“We started picking up speed as we hit the streets. We remained side by side for most of the race. Then we hit S Front St. and turned on to I-95. I started to slow down allowing Chuck to pass me on my right side. I slipped in behind him to get in a better position as we were about to make the right turn onto the bridge.

“I started gaining some ground on Chuck once we hit the bridge. So I slowed down to reach for my gun and line up my shot. We were about midway through the bridge. He was still moving a little too fast for my liking, but we were running out of time and space so I fired. A second bang could be heard as the bullet struck his left rear tire. Chuck’s car jumped upward suddenly and started skidding to the right. Chuck frantically tried to apply the brakes, but forward momentum kept him going until the car hopped over the edge of the bridge taking out part of the suspension.

“The front of the car was hanging over the edge of the bridge. I slammed the brakes of my car and started to run to him shouting, ‘Chuck!’

“I looked into Chuck’s window when I reached him. I saw him moving inside the car; it was slowly but I still figured this was a good sign. I punched out the window and yelled, ‘Chuck, open the door and take my—‘ That’s when I turned around and noticed a pair of headlights coming slowly towards us from behind. Then just stopped, and I could see the silver hood and then the Black Star logo across the rear window.

“It was Danny’s car. I slowly realized that this race had been his idea. He had either been following me, or he had me followed. Either way I had a choice to make. Do I blow my cover and try to save Chuck, or do I try to get them to trust me in the hopes of getting closer to Marquez? In the end, Marquez’s graphic statistics won out. It’s a choice I’ve questioned for a long time.

“Chuck gradually started to open the door, but when he reached out his hand for mine he found that it was gone. He clung precariously to the door and craned his neck to look for me. That’s when he saw me pushing the car from behind. ‘What are you doing? This wasn’t the plan! We had a DEEEEEEEEEEALLLL!’

“The door came off the hinges as the car went over the edge. It turned over on its left side sending up what looked like a small geyser as it hit the water. Chuck must have gotten trapped under the wreckage. I watched as the car sank to the bottom of the river, and Chuck did not return. Then I turned to face the headlights in a fit of rage. ‘Are you happy now you bastard! It’s done!’

Bon Jovi
“Blaze of Glory”

At the Benjamin Franklin bridge crash site, the paramedics loaded Nick Vera on to a stretcher and placed him in an ambulance. John Stillman put Trent Yardley in handcuffs. He would be charged with conspiracy to commit a homicide.

Any deals pending with Danny Eurich now having been nullified, the alarm sounded at Graterford prison as two guards escorted him through the prison gates in chains. He was escorted to a police van for transport to the Waynesburg Supermaximum Security facility.

Two cars were lined up on the track at Speedsafe Raceway. Brian ‘Slick’ Taylor was about to start the race when Kat Miller and Don Larken approached him. They explained to him about the moments leading up to the death of his friend.

Back at the station Lilly Rush and FBI agent Ryan Cavanaugh watched as Andrea Recona signed off on her confession. As this concerned a prior FBI operation, Lilly handed her over to FBI custody. Her fate was now in their hands.

Scotty placed a copy of Andrea Recona’s confession into a large, brown box. He then sealed the box and slapped an address label on it. The information inside was to be sent to the police in Camden, New Jersey. Then he headed for the conference room where Bradley Weisman, who Scotty had called in earlier, had been waiting. He explained the events leading to his brother’s death. Then Bradley looked through the glass door at the ghost of his brother before he faded from view.
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