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Default Georgia Engel never married, I wonder why?

The actress who played Georgette, Ms. Georgia Engel has never been married, nor has never had children.

I have wondered why that is. I always thought Ms. Engel was a very attractive woman, especially when she was younger. Her character Georgette acted older and more mature than her age, especially next to Ted Knight, who was old enough to be her father.

I think people who have never been married, or at very least are in a long term relationship to be peculiar, especially people who are not homosexual. So she may be "in the closet" or that she likes to be alone and are not interested in relationships.

It's just weird seeing her in "Everybody Loves Raymond" as a mother and a wife and she plays that role so well.

So, why didn't this hot blonde woman with the Cindy Brady voice alone?
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