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Originally Posted by Lamont
Lee G
i was not singling you out at all

BUT if i may comment
FOR INSTANCE on a set like HAZEL, its what-- 150 some eps?

How is someone supposed to know if less than a handful might not have sound? i mean, i try to check against an ep guide when i get a new set in to see what is there, and all and i spot check, but did u think that someone had actually watched, ALL 150 odd episodes? of course not, someone gets a big set, they check it out the best they can and duplicate it, if there are a few smaller issues like this----99% of the time with a detailed email, they can be fixed--- For instance, maybe the person who did the set could redo those discs? i have a hazel set and to best of my knowledge, all eps have sound! its a different set than lorens but its the same series and same # of eps, and still missing #23

i was not directing it just to you, but to traders in general, who get upset b/c of minor flaws that can 99% of the time be fixed

like--- i have the GUNSMOKE set, all 20 years of the series--- ive checked to be sure its complete, but NO ive not watched all 600+ hours of the show, so its possible that some glitches are there

to me its just not worth all this ugliness over it all
and im sorry u r not interested in trading,
and i dont know what your experiences are, but rip offs are not very common
now mistakes happen, people get behind, people have issues with sets-- yes to all
but ive only been ripped off a handful of times on this board

(99% of the time by 1 of "LAMONT'S ANGELS" or a certain Howling guy from the woods!)

and i do tons of trades and i can say that over 95% of them go off excellent!

That's why so risky for me to get an entire series on DVD because like you said every ep won't be checked.
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