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Originally posted by Steve M.
Well, here's a Beatles anniversary we didn't cover last year:

On this date in 1969, January 2, the Beatles arrived at London's Twickenham film studios to begin rehearsing for a live TV speical, in which they planned to play some rock and roll oldies and ten new songs, including a couple of Paul's tunes, "Let It Be" and "Get Back." The special was expected to be played in an exotic locale, like a Greek ampitheatre or near the Egyptian pyramids.

But, umm, it wouldn't quite turn out like that.

By the time January 1969 was over, the project degenerated into recording an album in their new studio, which ended up in the vaults for over a year before finally seeing release in May 1970 as Let It Be.

You know the details, I won't repeat them.
I know that. I have the album "Let It Be" since it came out in 1970 just a year after they recorded until the plan for an album scrapped until producer Phil Spector put out the finishing touches of the "Let It Be" album. The "Get Back" rehearsal was heard in numerous bootlegs and other stuff including "Anthology - Vol. 3". Nice info. It also have a movie of the same name came out the same year as the album came out.
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