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Originally posted by Steve M.
January 1, 1962 - The Beatles - John, Paul, George, and Pete Best - audition for Decca Records and record several fifties rockers and two original tunes, "Hello Little Girl" and "Like Dreamers Do." Decca producer Mike Smith wants to sign them on the spot, but Dick Rowe, his boss, overrules him and turns the Beatles down. "These boys won't make it," Rowe tells Beatles manager Brian Epstein. "Four-groups are out. Go back to Liverpool, Mr. Epstein, you have a successful business there."

Only McLean Stevenson's decision to leave "M*A*S*H" in 1975 for his own show rivals Rowe's nixing of the Beatles as the worst decision made in the history of popular entertainment.
This post is from January 1, 2004. Oops, we've repeated ourselves here!
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