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Originally posted by Full House
On this date, January 1st, New Year's Day, 1962:

The Beatles went for an audition at Decca Records in England to record a few songs that were from that period. Here they are:

1. "Three Cool Cats"
2. "The Shieks of Araby"
3. "Hello Little Girl"
4. "Like Dreamers Do"
5. "Besame Mucho" (a cover of a 1940's classic)
6. "Searchin'" (a cover of a Coasters classic)

Pete Best was the drummer for that group until Ringo Starr joined a few months later. After a couple of songs, they left Decca and went on to EMI Studios to record "Love Me Do" in the fall.
The Beatles never "left" Decca because Decca never signed them. Producer Mike Smith wanted to sign them on the spot, but his superior, Dick Rowe, overruled him. Rowe insisted that electric guitar groups were on the way out and would never be big in the sixties. Rowe thus became known as "the man who turned down the Beatles," his decision rivaled for the title of "worst showbiz career move" by the decision of this man -

to leave "M*A*S*H!"

It was all well and good, because Brian Epstein wanted EMI to have the Beatles anyway. Decca later signed the Applejacks, who recorded "Like Dreamers Do" (theirs was the first recording of that Lennon-McCartney song to see commercial release), and they also signed, at George Harrison's advice, a group you probably never heard of, the Rolling Stones.
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