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Red face 12/26/67 - "BEATLES BOMB WITH YULE FILM"

On this day in 1967 - Boxing Day, December 26 - the Beatles's TV film Magical Mystery Tour aired on the BBC in Britain. In terms of drawing an audience, it was a success - fifteen million Brits, roughly 27 percent of the U.K. population, tuned in to watch, and even more people watched it in countries such as Japan and Argentina. In terms of pleasing an audience, well. . . .

The plotless film had been made up as the Beatles went along, and even those it was fun to look at in color, it aired in black-and-white 37 years ago today. The following morning, the London Daily Mirror declared that he never seen such "blatant rubbish" as Magical Mystery Tour, and other British TV critics agreed.

An American TV deal was canceled as a result of the British showing and headlines in the States like BEATLES BOMB WITH YULE FILM from the Los Angeles Times. Since then, Magical Mystery Tour has become a cult favorite in the United States, showing up in art movie theaters and on local TV stations at 1:30 in the morning. Its camera effects became an influence on MTV and Steven Spielberg's movies. Ironic, no?

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