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Confused A Catch that there must be a way to figure out

I have some good news but with a catch. While I still don't know how to download from Utube (the directions I've gotten still don't work) I have found a whole slew of Ozzie shows on the Internet Archive, go here and you'll see:
Now here it was EXTREMELY EASY to download.

For those curious to try, I'll tell you how, I learned this thru trial and error, where are the computer tech wizards when you need them? So I relied on my own figuring. You go to the show you're interested in and look for the "Show All" words below the screen where you'd normally hit play. Then hit on those words and you'll now see a lot of different options on how you want to download. I chose Mp4 for the easiest less complicated way to play after you've got it. So right click on the Mp4 choice then left click on the "Save Target As" it will then allow you to choose what folder you've created on your computer to download that show to. Then wait about 2 minutes while it's downloading and BINGO, you've now put a show into a folder on your computer. So this was easy for me. I've been downloading Audio Mp3 files like this for years.

By the way when you click on the Ozzie place I cite above you'll see all the many places and some of them will lead to big collections of Ozzie once you hit on the person who uploaded that one show you've gone to.

There's a "KJSEA" whoever that is but they must have some sort of contact with the Ozzie people because the shows are all so excellent looking and uncut too. Here's one of the better Ozzie places (though there are many others, many I haven't gone to yet), here's that excellent KJSEA place:[]=subject%3A%22Ozzie+%26+Harriet%22

So thanks to this site and another Ozzie site on Internet Archive I was able to download 200 shows I didn't have before (wow, the thought of all the great viewing ahead free from endless reruns of reruns I got from TV recently).

I then transferred them all to a thumbdrive, now I'm really living like it's 1985, or something. So today for the first time I tried out the thumbdrive, here comes the bad news, every one of the DVD players I plugged it into none of them worked right. Some would play audio only from these shows but others would not recognize ANY of the Mp4s there. It seems these DVD players are good to play Mp3 audio but not playing videos on Mp4. So luckily I have a fairly new TV and it had a USB connection. Plugged it in there and YESHH, I was able to see a "Menu" screen showing the first 27 of 200 shows that filled that menu screen. I hit play on the first show and the quality was BEAUTIFUL (even though there was a tiny bit of non fluidity of movement, but nothing to complain about) the video picture was beautiful.

OK, so here's the bad part once I tried to go to what should have been the next page from the menu screen, it just sat there and showed me that same 1st menu screen. It would not move beyond that and those 1st 27 shows shown. OK, so I did try out playing the last show on the menu Show 27 and then after starting to play it I hit "Next" then it did indeed move to show 28 on the thumbdrive. But does this mean I'm going to have to hit next next next a 100 times the more shows I watch from the thumbdrive. There must be some way of getting to the 2nd 3rd 4th page of "Menu" screens other than just going to the last show on the first menu page and hit Next till your finger falls off. Does anyone have a Sony TV that enables you to watch USB thumbdrives, and if so do you know how to move beyond that first menu screen?

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