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I think eventually ODAAT will be completed on DVD. It's the only one of Norman Lear's popular 70's shows that's not been completed on DVD. If Mary Hartman can be complete on DVD, certainly ODAAT can be complete too. I just don't know what the problem is. Maybe the 1st season DVD did sell so poorly and another studio is reluctant to take it further.

I'm not sure if I would want the complete series DVD or not. I do like the earlier seasons better. However, the series was fairly consistent during it's run, and each season contains a share of good episodes. And the cast changes that took place over the years kept things fresh and interesting. So it's a tough call.

I watched 2 episodes from the 1st season DVD yesterday. It was great to see the complete episodes! Also, Bonnie Franklin and Richard Masur have good acting chemistry together. I didn't like the show as much after the early part of season 2 when Richard left. Although there was that one episode a few years later, "Indianapolis Story" when Richard came to visit.
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