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Originally Posted by antman67

Watch it here:
NO QUESTION this was a bad idea for an episode as well as a BAD casting choice for Tom Hanks. The Weird part is, Tom Hanks was ALREADY on Bosom Buddies and many knew him from there. Myself included, I thought to myself "Wow, Tom Hanks must need a paycheck to do this small role and play this crummy character?" However, Tom Hanks must have been pretty good friends with Ron Howard because he did make a movie soon after with him called "Splash" in 1984 so it worked out for Mr. Hanks in the long run which lead to a great career AFTER this episode. We all know Henry and Ron are good friends and Tom must have been in that inner circle.
Bosom Buddies had been cancelled by the time this episode aired and Splash hadn't happened yet, so Hanks was in-between the show and his future big-screen success, so I imagine he was probably happy to get some work.
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