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Default 8-track, LP, cassette, CD, digital

I have Sylvia's "Surprise" album in every format. However, RCA has yet to make this album available in the digital downloads category, with the exception of the two single releases, "Victims of Goodbye" and "Love Over Old Times" from a compilation album.

Anyhow, I did download my "Surprise" CD into my i-Tunes. So, in a way, I feel I have the digital (mp3) version of this album as well.

I remember it was around April or May of 1984 and I had just returned home to Alaska from a long road trip to Washington, Oregon and California with my grandma. I'd not been keeping up with magazine articles, television, or media of any kind for several weeks.

I heard Sylvia had released a new album. So I immediately went down to my favorite record store and my friend, store manager, Susan walked me right over to the bin. WOW! Was I surprised (fitting title) to see that black and white photo of Sylvia sporting a new, shorter hair style. I thought they couldn't have picked a better title for the album - I was very surprised! I bought the album on vinyl that very day.

In the early 90's, I found a few cassette tapes of this album at pawn shops, that I bought to add to my Sylvia collection. There was one I bought that I thought looked like it was packaged a little different. Well, it turns out it was the Canadian version which surprisingly featured a duet with B.J. Thomas. (I've since found and bought that version on vinyl, too).

In 1997, at a pawn shop in Oregon, I was so happy to find a CD of this album.

Then about 6 years ago, my mom found an 8-Track of this album at a yard sale that she bought for me and surprised me with. I didn't even know it was available in the 8-Track format.

P.S. I tried, but couldn't figure out how to make my collection picture smaller to match the other one. So, I didn't post it.
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