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Default Kecksburg UFO segment

does anyone else think is one of the most well made and also creepiest segment of UM? For whatever reason I remember being majorly creeped out by this segment.

Just starting from the opening scene where we see those two kids see the object fall into the forest and then later when people go in to investigate and see the object for the first time

then later when the military shows up and the extremely cold way they were acting.

Then I remember this part that really creeped me out. The citizens of the town said they later saw four men carrying a large box out of the forest. Someone said that the box looked too small to carry the actual object and wondered if there was something IN the object they were removing. I immediately assumed there were alien bodies in that box.

Then later when the military leaves the town with the object a boy looks out his window and see the truck slowly roll past his house. Another moment that gives me creeps for some reason

but the main moment I remember creeping me out severely was the final part of the segment when the investigator says something "I think there are only two possibilities when it comes to the object. That were are looking at a highly advanced space probe, possibly from a foreign nations, or there could be the possibility that this could be an extra terrestrial spacecraft". Then they show the show of the object flying across the sky with this really creepy music playing. Damn I am getting chills just thinking about it.

Besides that though this segment I remember was really well made from a production standpoint and all the witnesses really seemed credible.
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