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Originally Posted by TheCars1986
Anyone else think it's entirely possible that Darlie (while her two young sons were sleeping) went out and staged the crime scene? I think she most likely slashed the screen and ditched the sock before she actually killed her boys. There really was no blood found anywhere outside of the Routier home, which is why I think she went around planting things before the actual murders were committed.

And both boys were actually held down to the floor and stabbed repeatedly. Had an "intruder" broke in the house to rape/sexually assault Darlie, why would he feel the need to then murder two young boys, each of whom weighed about 40 lbs? And why would an "intruder" take the time to clean up the mess he created in the sink, not to mention how would there have even been any mess in the sink (since Darlie and her children were attacked in the living room)? And why would the "intruder" place the murder weapon back in the butcher block that it came from? And how did the "intruder" exit the house? There was a slit in the screen, but beyond that the screen was not pushed in or out (which would have happened if someone had passed through it). And just how did Darlie manage to ger her son's blood on the back of her nightgown if she was allegedly knocked unconscious by this "intruder" (lying on her back on the couch while the "intruder" straddled her)? After he knocked her unconscious, did he turn her over on her back while he then murdered her two children? That would be the only logical way that blood from her sons could have gotten onto the back of her nightgown if Darlie was truely innocent. Darlie also conveniently described her attacker as wearing all black and a baseball cap. I find it amazing that in the midst of 2 murders and one attempted murder, there was NOTHING left behind by this "intruder". His cap being knocked from his head could have resulted in some hairs or DNA being found. Since Darlie was allegedly fighting for her life and her son's lives, you would think the odds would have been fairly high for this "intruder" to have left something behind that proved his existence. But yet there was nothing.

It's fairly obvious to me that Darlie is responsible and right where she belongs. She placed the butcher knife back in her butcher block thinking that she could convince police that the "intruder" brought his own weapon and took it with him after the attacks. I also think she never anticipated anyone focusing on the sink area (which is where I think she cleaned up the weapon and possibly herself after killing her children). I also think it's awful convenient that at first she gave a vague description of this "intruder" yet later recanted saying she was suffering from "traumatic amnesia". I think the real reason why Darlie still manages to get support is because nobody wants to believe a mother could do that to her children. But after going over the case and reading the actual undisputed facts, I don't see how anyone else could have committed these crimes other than Darlie Routier.
If she planted the sock beforehand, then why are her boy's blood on the sock? They said something to an extent that a possible intruder could've crouched down to get out of the slashed window screen without disturbing dust and mulch, but that seems bizarre too. I would also like to know if the rapist that was breaking into people's homes and assaulting them around the time of the Routier attacks attacked adult females or children. Maybe that could provide an answer to my theory about an intruder assaulting Darlie and/or her boys. I am not an advocate for Darlie. The last thing I ever want to do is side with a killer/possible killer, but something about this case nags at me and I know something isn't right about it other than the fact 2 innocent boys were murdered.
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