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Originally Posted by scc1222
why not? she and darrin both admitted they had fought that evening.and IMO,it's obvious darrin knows more than he is telling,from the UM segment..per his denial of money problems,etc...he's hiding something.(although I think darlie was the killer,not him).but he knows more than he is saying.they DID have money problems,that is documented.

i don't think she planted the sock.I think she was trying to rid of it,along with the weapon,at the same time.
good point, i guess I used a poor choice of words. I've always got the impression based on the circumstances of the incident that I've watched on TV might I add, that she either premeditated the attacks and carried them out in a matter that made it look like an intruder did it. Or she was truly attacked by an intruder(not darren).

The loss of control doesn't make sense unless she was still up with her boys and they drove her to the point of complete loss of control at 2AM? or whatever it was? and then she had not much time to think on her feet and react by planting a sock, tearing a screen, stabbing herself, etc. I think that she either thought ahead or she was attacked, but I guess it is possible that she did everything in the moment because she paniced or freaked out and lost complete control.

yeah the darren aspect is weird, but the fact that they have both supported each other throughout the years leaves me to believe that darren really had no involvment in this and slept through the ordeal which is not impossible if darlie did it or if she was attacked while she was asleep.
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