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Originally Posted by scc1222
yeah,really,and leave the parent alive. ::rolling eyes:: not to mention,all of the other evidence.UM made it seem like there could only be one timeline..truth is,she had time to plant the sock.and that's prolly where the other knife went,too.oh,and anytime the weapon comes from the home? it's someone who lives there.that's basic crime knowledge.
Most attacks on children by parents are form cases in which they lose complete control in the heat of the moment. For this case that is not possible.

If the following is the case I'm glad she's in jail and I don't feel sorry for her in the slightest:

It is very possible that darlie is an extreme sociopath and premeditated the murders. she may have planted the sock ahead of time and cut the screen from inside the house like they claim. she may have staged the whole scenario to be away from darren so that he did not hear the attack. she also just as easily may have stabbed herself close to her artery not knowing it because most of us are not experts on anatomy. again these are all aspects that the court has to prove, but in my opinion they themselves centered there case around other areas like the tape(copout for supporters or not) which was wrong of them. it allows for darlie defenders to argue on her behalf. So I am still unsure about this and likely always will be.
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