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Originally Posted by MegtheEgg86
One of the psychics said she felt Annette Schnee's murder was committed by two men, and that one of those two men also committed Bobbie Oberholtzer's murder. The idea, she felt, was that Oberholtzer's murder excited this man, which in turn excited the second man, who resolved to go out with the first man for a crime to commit together.
The feeling was that both men were friends and they were both present for the murder of Annette. It is believed that both men might have raped her as well. But obviously only one of them can pull the trigger. According to the psychic, the smaller man came up with the idea to do this to Annette and he needed his friend to help him dispose of her body. So once she was dead, she was placed in the trunk of the guy's car and driven 3 miles away to the creek where her body would be found 6 months later. As far as the rape itself, it seems the circumstances around it match what happened in the UM segment. She was sexually assaulted in a vehicle and then appeared to get dressed in a hurry. She might have tried to flee once she got dressed but she was eventually shot in the back.

The bigger guy who helped his friend roll Annette's body into the creek apparently got some sort of sick high off this and drove by himself into Breckenridge where he picked up Bobbie, tried to rape her and then killed her on top of Hoosier Pass. Her death was much more cut and dry then Annette's because Bobbie's body was found so much sooner.

It is also interesting to note that the other psychic came up with possible names of these two men which were bleeped out. Apparently one of these men drove the type of car seen in the psychic's vision of Annette's murder and he bought a gun a week before the murders took place. This man eventually was killed in the 90's after trying to rob a bank. All we know about the other man from the psychic (which we were allowed to see on TV) was that he was not a highly educated man. He had come on to Bobbie in the past and she had always wished he would just go away. After the murders, he left the area but came back many times because his mother still lives there. Police have run DNA samples on both men but the results obviously were not made public. I guess it takes a while to find out.
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