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Originally Posted by Mastermind
People use rape to torture and humiliate people all the time.
There's a big difference between the two: intent.

Non-sadistic rapists use rape to overpower women and use them for sexual gratification and dominance. They overwhelm the woman, rape her, then let her go/kill her.

Sexual sadists use rape as one of the tools for the explicit aim to inflict pain and humiliate the victim for the sexual pleasure of it. What's important is not the power, nor the sex, but pain and suffering as sexual gratification. The sadist will seek to make it last in time until he has had his kicks, then he will let her go/kill her if she hasn't already died of shock or her wounds.

One cannot be a sexual sadist if he or she doesn't derive sexual pleasure from the suffering inflicted on others. It's how they frame it.

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