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Thumbs down And it's happening with 'cinema' now too!

For example...the new Austin Powers movie!

It ISN'T even out yet...and now I see commercials with Mike Myers (AS AUSTIN!) with Brittany Spears selling 'Diet Coke' or something like that!

It's as if the industry has only one thing on their mind! Never mind the bucks this movie will JUST a movie! But now...before it's even out, we're associating the film with a product!

It reminds me when George C. Scott refused to accept his Academy Award. (for 'Patton', I believe) It likened his 'art' to a contest...and thus ruining the integrity of his 'craft'!

Well, it IS a contest these days! Let's see how many buckets of chicken or 'Pampers' we can sell with this song or movie!

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