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Originally Posted by TMC View Post
For example:
  • The Golden Girls, which aired on NBC, spun-off into The Golden Palace (it's debatable over wither it's technically a spin-off, a sequel series, or a glorified eighth season of The Golden Girls), which aired on CBS. Meanwhile, Empty Nest and its own spin-off, Nurses remained on NBC.
  • When Buffy the Vampire Slayer moved from The WB to UPN, its spinoff, Angel, stayed with The WB.
  • The Practice, an ABC show, once crossed-over to Ally McBeal, a Fox show and vice versa.
  • The Six Million Dollar Man aired for five seasons on ABC. After it's spin-off, "The Bionic Woman aired for two seasons on ABC, it was picked up by NBC, where it aired the third season.
For Golden Girls, I would call it a continuation except the GP episodes never seen to be in the syndication rotation (It should be). Even There's A Crowd is usually thrown in rotation with There's Company.
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