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Other bands that didn't make it...

The Beach Boys-Mike Love was unsatisfied with the idea and since he had most of the control...he refused the invitation. But they would be at Vanstock 1987.
Yes-They were on tour so they turned-down the offer.
The Steve Miller Band-He traded his position with Eddie Money. He would later go to the 1987 Vanstock.
Suzi Quatro-She was stranded in Cleveland that weekend, but said "thanks for the invitation".
Elkie Brooks-She was invited to a London Radio Show that same weekend.
Robert Palmer-Had a hard time to get from Nassau to Green Bay, but he would perform at Vanstock 1987.
Bonnie Raitt-Her manager suggested that she didn't go to Vanstock.
Heart-They were having issues with their record company...they would later be in the 1987 Vanstock.
Frank Sinatra-He was supposed to end the show, but he had two words about it "**** no"! He even said that he was retired at the time.
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