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Music Vanstock Line-up 1977

Since That 70's Show had Vanstock and they made an ep about that...I just thought...who would perform that weekend? Its concert would be in Green Bay and this would be The Concert Venue...

Todd Rundgren
The Doobie Brothers
Linda Ronstadt
Van Halen
Fleetwood Mac
The Eagles
Seals and Crofts
Electric Light Orchestra
Alice Cooper
Eric Clapton
Talking Heads
Ted Nugent
Patti Smith
The Tubes
Iggy Pop
The Grateful Dead
Elvis Costello
Bob Marley and the Wailers
James Taylor
Bruce Springsteen
Stevie Wonder
The Police
Hall and Oates
Marvin Gaye
John Sebastian
Paul Simon
Jefferson Starship
Billy Joel
ZZ Top
Blue Oyster Cult
John Denver
The Who
Eddie Money
Pablo Cruise
Van Morrison
Lou Rawls
Neil Young
Cheech and Chong
Bob Seeger
Barry Manilow

There were some bands that were to be on the playlist...but never intended to play...

Elvis Presley-He died just a month before the concert.
Members of The Beatles-Paul McCartney was about to be a father again during this time, John Lennon didn't have much interest, George Harrison didn't either, and Ringo Starr was busy...this was one of the few attempts to reunite The Beatles.
The Rolling Stones-They were settling-down after a world concert once they heard the news of Vanstock. They didn't want the same turmoil like Altamont even though they almost reconsidered but it was too late to get a gig.
The Moody Blues-They were busy with their 9th Album "Octave".
The Sex Pistols-Due to their raunchy behavior, they weren't invited.
Procol Harum-They disbanded before Vanstock.
The Band-They had little to no interest since they were about to end their Last Waltz Concert Tour.
Led Zeppelin-They declined to play since Robert Plant was still traumatized by his son's death, but gave them a thank you note.
Genesis-They were finishing a concert as well as an album, and they were also hesitant because they didn't know if Peter Gabriel would be there.
Peter Gabriel-Almost played at Vanstock, but decided not to perform at the last minute.
Bob Dylan-He had no interest in performing Vanstock, seeing that it's a 70's version of Woodstock and it has vans.
Emerson, Lake, and Palmer-They were busy with another live concert. They were happy for the invitation.
Pink Floyd-Declined due to their Animals Concert.
Jethro Tull-Ian Anderson declined because it looked like Woodstock with Vans.
The Bee Gees-The concert planner rejected The Bee Gees since they were a disco band now rather than a pop band. Vanstock was to have no disco bands.
Steely Dan-Declined the offer because they said they don't do tours anymore and it'd be difficult to have session musicians to fill-in.
Cat Stevens-He was exhausted during this time and years later he would regret declining the offer to go to Vanstock. He would try to go to Vanstock 25, but since it was in 2002 and he was Yusulf Islam and became Islamic...he wouldn't go. Yusulf would perform at the 2007 Vanstock without any problems.
Frank Zappa-He refused to do Vanstock because it was like Woodstock and he thought the concert would be stupid to begin with.
Elton John-He was already committed to a tour that was in 1977. He wish the people of Vanstock his best and said "maybe next year".
David Bowie-Bowie was busy with Brian Eno and his Berlin Albums, so he didn't have the time for Vanstock.
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