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Originally posted by AnahiemPMWitch
that sounds like a Plan to me we'll Hang out work for some movies and shows ( I mean write for) I'll find me Some HOT famous rich guy *coughs* Erik *coughs* and move to anahiem or HB and STILL WRITE and we'll all still hang out WHO said theres ANYTHING wrong with DREAMING

Absolutely nothing wrong with dreaming. I live to dream. There's no way that I could survive without doing it. All great writers dream.

ahhh the director of Gods and Generals came to your school?!?!?!?! I cant wait to see that movie! LOL CG Ill be the set decorator for the films you direct!!
Yep, he'll be there on Feb. 5th. With my luck, I will be so starstruck that I'll be scared to talk to him. But, I'm going to go see him anyhow.

Yippee! Now, I've got myself a set director. Everything is falling into place so well.
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