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I didn't really spend a lot of time with the actors. Writers and actors are two separate camps. Think of cats and dogs. From my perspective everyone seemed to get along just fine. Erin seemed happy to me. I would see her riding around the lot on her bicycle all the time. You have to go back and read my posts. I don't want to repeat the same stories over and over. The hair? That's a good question. Most people had longer hair at that time. 70's. I think they just kind of worked around it. Red Hair? I think it has to do with being on camera. I know when I was on Blossom I was told never to wear white or black. To always wear colors. Maybe Bobby Hoffman in casting knew that and worked along those lines. I am sure they cast the show with a family resemblence in mind knowing Ron Howard was the main character. The networks may have wanted that clean cut all american look. There are lots of factors. All in all I would say for the color and casting. Happy Days was done with 3 camera/film. Imagine that? Film rolls, film editing, splicing, etc.

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