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Originally Posted by y2k3Joker

Here's a sample of the famous Wonderlic Exam. See how you do on this.
i took a wonderlick, for a actual job about 10 years ago

its far different than doing it online

theres no warning

theres no figureing paper

theres no count down timer

20 minutes and you havent an idea how much is left

you cant skip questions

there are 50 total on the one i took

proctor said no one has ever gotten all 50 answerd in the 20 minutes

since its scored on how many you do,and the % of correct

so it doesnt pay to guess

i got 38 for a score

and no i didnt get the job

something about attitude etc etc............

vince young got either a 6 or a 9, and hes a millionaire now
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