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Default A very difficult quiz

Somtimes I wonder about the intelligence of this group, so I'm offering a test that was used at John Hopkins University to test the aptitude of the students.

See how you do.

Three young women have all been working eighty-hour weeks for six
years in the struggle to make partner at the prestigious law firm,
and the cutoff date is fast approaching. Each one is brainy,
talented, and ambitious, but there's only room for one new partner.
At a loss as to which one to pick, the senior officer finally devises
a little test. One day, while all three are out to lunch, he places
an envelope containing five hundred dollars on each of their desks.
The first woman returns the envelope to him immediately. The second
woman invests the money in the market and returns fifteen hundred
dollars to him the next morning. The third woman pockets the cash. So
which one gets the promotion?

Scroll down for the answer

The one with the big boobs

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