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Default You will never win a election

Top Ten Signs You're Not Going to Win the Election

10. Your campaign manager keeps mispronouncing your name

9. On outside of letter you get from Publisher's Clearinghouse: "You may already be a loser!"

8. Campaign rally chants of "Four more years!" refer to your prison sentence

7. Your "motorcade" is down to a rental car and a fat kid on a bike.

6. All the TV ad time you bought was on CBS prime time

5. Next to your name on the ballot it says, "Yeah, right."

4. You rise to offer a rebuttal during a televised debate, and the moderator says: "Save your shoe leather, junior! We're all voting for the other guy!"

3. Gennifer Flowers won't return your calls

2. During debate, your opponent says, "I knew Forrest Gump, I worked with Forrest Gump, and you're no Forrest Gump."

1. Even you voted for the other guy

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