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Verve/Forecast Records was an excellent label for Katharine McPhee when she released her second album Unbroken because on that album we got to see a whole different sound that really should've fit on her first album but after the first single Had It All was released from Unbroken I think Verve/Forecast didn't promote the album enough and that's why Verve/Forecast dropped her. Because Verve Records is a excellent label that has artists like Diana Krall and many other jazz artists I think since the launch of Verve/Forecast Records they started adding artists such as Gloria Estefan and with Katharine McPhee they would've made her huge in the jazz/easy listening market. It's no secret that with her third album Hysteria that she went back to dance pop. But her covers album When I Grow Too Old To Dream is excellent and finds her way back to the easy listening market
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