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I binged the entire season today and I really enjoyed it. I felt that they nailed what the fandom liked most about the show with the new format - they tell the story as it happens through interviews. There are some reenactments, but you don't see the face of the actors which I think is brilliant and a smarter move than the original in this day and age.

Aside from the facts of the case, the most popular threads on this forum have ALWAYS been about folks like Bob Bean or other notorious interviews. I think this new format is perfect for today's audience and I didn't feel like I HAD to go look up more information to get a better feel for the case like I do with the original segments. It didn't feel rushed and the way it was done...a narrator would have been very superfluous and jarring. It always feels like it takes itself more seriously because it's one case at a time and that's the focus. There's no "well, I'm bored with this in 5 minutes we'll be onto the next case".

The cases they chose are VERY representative of UM as a whole.

I feel like the new format pays homage to the original and improves upon it.
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