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Default Jodie Whittaker, Matt Smith and David Tennant unite to promote the show on HBO Max

The Time Lord trio appeared virtually via Zoom to celebrate the arrival of 11 seasons of the Doctor Who revival on the WarnerMedia streaming service. All three agreed that the one episode they would recommend to newbies would be "Rose," which launched the reboot in 2005 with Chris Eccleston as The Doctor. "It explains all you need to know," says Tennant. "What was so brilliant about what Russell T. Davies did when he brought it back, he was bringing back a show that had a huge fan base who were very precious about it, so he needed not to offend and alienate them, but at the same time introduce it to a whole generation, two, three generations who didnít know what the heck it was. And in the forty-five-minute episode that is 'Rose,' the first one of that new run, it was sort of a masterclass in how to reboot a beloved series, and bring the old fans with you and develop a whole bunch of new ones. And once youíve started you can just follow in consecutive order and eventually end up with Jodie!"
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